20140409 142336Language is so much more than just words.

When the first dusty odour of threatening clouds awakens nostalgic Karoo-memories, and it suddenly starts to rain, then my Afrikaans roots fidget. As do every creative fibre... 

Language is music which stirs hammer, anvil and stirrup to vibrate rhythmically through femur and tibia - nurturing keys resounding through the silence between the known and the spiritual. Worship.

Language is the completion of a task - that sigh of satisfaction and relief at the final stitch of a quilt, a jersey or knitted blanket, the last stroke of paint on a wall. Language is the warning bark at the front gate; the silent shaking of a grey head, the struggle to succeed.

Your language is your identity, your voice, your bliss, your calling.

Here, I share the work of my pupils, my own exploration of the other language, and other random thoughts and ideas.


Welcome to anotherlanguage